The 5 Most Popular Types of Chains for Men

There’s no question that chains are as popular as ever. And why wouldn’t they be? The right chain is an instant cheat code.

Everywhere you go, whether it's out in the city, at the gym, or a night out, there’s a good chance more than a few folks are rocking a chain. From a classic gold Miami Cuban Link chain, to the subtle but prolific appeal of a silver Franco chain, there are many types to choose from. With so many options, it can be hard to know which type of chain should be the next one in your collection. But don’t worry, Aion is here to break down the Men's chain game and to point you in the right direction. 

So without further ado, here are the five types of chains that everyone should have in their collection. 

Miami Cuban Link Chain

7mm Gold Miami Cuban + Black Rhodium 6.5mm Miami Cuban

Black Rhodium 6.5mm Miami Cuban 

Why Miami Cuban Links Are Popular: A Miami Cuban Link chain is like the Lebron James of the chain game; GOAT-level production across many eras, highly decorated, many devout fans and hard to knock from the throne.

The Miami Cuban Link is arguably the most popular chain for good reason; it’s bold and flashy and when worn untucked, adds a signature aesthetic to everything from a plain black tee to a designer shirt. Its origin comes from the Curb chain, but Miami Cuban Links are rounder and thicker, giving it a more modern look.

You’ll Love Miami Cuban Links Chains If: You want a signature chain that stands out, period.

Best Suited For: Going Out, Making a Statement, Special Occasions

Shop Now: Black, Gold, Silver Rhodium, Rose Gold

Rope Chain

4mm Gold Rope Chain

Why Rope Chains Are Popular: Rope chains are right there with Miami Cuban Links when it comes to the most popular type of chain and also has made their presence know across decades. Rope chains have an immaculate finish that makes any neckline shine. In addition to its trademark look, it's durable, strong and never going out of style. They feature multiple links twisted in a pattern that resemble the shape and texture of a woven rope.

You’ll Love Rope Chains If: You want to add a timeless piece to the collection, need a chain for a pendant, or want a chain that stacks well with other chains. 

Best Suited For: Going Out, Making a Statement, Working Out 

Shop Now: Gold, Silver 

Franco Chain

3mm Silver Rhodium Franco Chain 

3.5mm Gold Franco Chain + 3mm Silver Rhodium Franco Chain

Why Franco Chains Are Popular: Franco chains are our pick for the most underrated chain. The Franco chain features distinctive, interlocked “V” shaped links and that is a modification of the Curb chain. This gives Franco chains an intricate pattern that stays uniform and that will never kink.

You’ll Love Franco Chains If: You want a sturdy and masculine chain that has a unique design that can be worn for just about any occasion. Or a chain that has a versatile appeal whether worn tucked or untucked.

Best Suited For: Everyday Wear, Going Out, The Change Up

Shop Now: Gold, Silver Rhodium 

Round Box Chain

Round Box Chain

3mm Silver Rhodium Round Box

Why Round Box Chains Are Popular: The Round Box chain is a great entry point into the chain game as it is perfect for everyday wear due to its durability and subtleness. Its collection of interlocked boxes make for a clean look; sunup to sundown.

Just like a Rope or Franco chain, you wouldn’t have to worry about it kinking through the day. And it’s pendant friendly.

You’ll Love Round Box Chains If: You want a subtle chain that does not draw too much attention but still adds a nice touch to you neck.

Best Suited For: Everyday Wear, Working Out 

Shop Now: Silver Rhodium 

Wheat (Spiga) Chain

Silver Wheat Chain

2.5mm Silver Wheat Chain

Why Wheat Chains Are Popular: The Wheat chain, aka Spiga chain, is a favorite because of its detailed design featuring four strands of twisted oval links, giving the chain an eccentric appearance. At a distance, it resembles the Rope chain, but up close you can really pick up the elaborate craftsmanship of this chain.

You’ll Love Wheat Chains If: You like rope chains but want to switch it up a little bit. While it might be underrated compared to the other chains on this list, it's never understated.

Best Suited For: Everyday Wear, The Change Up 

Shop Now: Silver 

Comment below and let us know what's your favorite chain. 

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