Q: What materials are Aion jewelry made from?

A: Aion only offers jewelry made from rare, precious metals like 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold and extremely rare Rhodium, gives our jewelry long lasting shine and durability  

Q: Where is Aion jewelry made?

A: All Aion jewelry is made and crafted in Italy and then imported to the United States   

Q: What's the "Aion Aesthetic"?

A: The "Aion Aesthetic" is the philosophy and set of principles that define the look and feel of our signature jewelry. The "Aion Aesthetic" sits at the intersection of modern, pure, clean and uncompromising

Q: What makes Aion different from their competitors? 

A: Many of our competitors' products are mass produced in China, made from stainless steel or brass, and plated in a thin layer of gold, which is classified as "fashion jewelry"

All Aion jewelry is crafted in Italy, made from precious metals (925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold and Rhodium) and coated 2-5x as thick. The Aion approach results in jewelry with an impeccable shine that is built to last. Aion products meet and exceed the standards for "fine jewelry"

Q: Where is Aion located?

A: Aion's home is Los Angeles, CA